Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Did you hear the news?
A Live escape game just opened in Kamari, Santorini.
It’s a new, yet, very popular game all over the world and its Live.

You and your friends are trapped inside a theme room, and  you  have 1 hour to work together as a team and accomplish a challenging task; Uncover the secrets of the room in order to escape!
But beware, the clock is ticking!

The only tool you ‘ll be needing is your logic and the ability to work as a Team!

Riddles, puzzles and codes will lead you to the Exit!

The Escape Game team created 4 unique themed rooms which will blow your mind away!

The detailed, theatrical decoration will give you a more realistic experience and feel your adrealine raising!

Friends, couples and even families (maximum team size 5 people) can take part in this exciting and totally safe game.